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Launch Mode is intended for off-highway or off-road use only and should not be used on any public roadways. It is recommended that this feature be used in a controlled environment, and within the limits of the law. The capabilities of the vehicle as measured by the performance pages must never be exploited in a reckless or dangerous manner, which can jeopardize the user’s safety or the safety of others. Only a safe, attentive, and skillful driver can prevent accidents.

Dodge Charger. Launch Control

This vehicle is equipped with a Launch Control system that is designed to allow the driver to achieve quick, consistent vehicle acceleration in a straight line. Launch Control is a form of traction control that manages tire slip while launching the vehicle. This feature is intended for use during race events on a closed course where consistent quarter-mile and 0-to-60 times are desired. The system is not intended to compensate for lack of driver experience or familiarity with the race track. Use of this feature in low traction (cold, wet, gravel, etc.) conditions may result in excess wheel slip outside this system’s control resulting in an aborted launch.


  • Launch Control should not be used on public roads. Always check track conditions and the surrounding area.
  • Launch Control is not available for the first 500 miles (805 km) of the vehicle’s life.
  • Launch Control should only be used when the engine and transmission are at operating temperature.
  • Launch Control is intended to be used on dry, paved road surfaces only. Use on slippery or loose surfaces may cause damage to vehicle components and is not recommended.
  • Launch Control is not available in ESC Full Off mode.

    Default Mode

    The vehicle will always start in Default Mode. This mode is for typical driving conditions. While in Default Mode, the Engine/Transmission, and Traction will operate in their Normal settings and cannot be changed...

    Sport Mode

    Sport Mode is a configuration set-up for typical enthusiast driving. The Transmission and Steering are both set to their Sport settings. The steering wheel Paddle switches are enabled...

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