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Dodge Charger 2011-2022 Owner's Manual / GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE / DRIVER MEMORY SETTINGS — IF EQUIPPED / Programming The Memory Feature

To create a new memory profile, perform the following:


Saving a new memory profile will erase the selected profile from memory.

1. Place the vehicle’s ignition in the ON/RUN position (do not start the engine).

2. Adjust all memory profile settings to desired preferences (i.e., seat, side mirror, power tilt and telescopic steering column [if equipped], and radio station presets).

3. Push and release the set (S) button on the memory switch, and then push the desired memory button (1 or 2) within five seconds. The instrument cluster display will display which memory position has been set.


Memory profiles can be set without the vehicle in PARK, but the vehicle must be in PARK to recall a memory profile.


    This feature allows the driver to save up to two different memory profiles for easy recall through a memory switch. Each memory profile saves desired position settings for the following features: Driver seat Easy Entry/Exit seat (if equipped) Side mirrors Power tilt/telescoping steering column (if equipped) A set of desired radio station presets NOTE: Your vehicle is equipped with two key fobs, each can be linked to either memory position 1 or 2...

    Linking And Unlinking The Key Fob To Memory

    Your key fobs can be programmed to recall one of two saved memory profiles. NOTE: Before programming your key fobs you must select the “Memory Linked To Fob” feature through the Uconnect system...

    Other information:

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