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Dodge Charger 2011-2023 Owner's Manual / MULTIMEDIA / PERFORMANCE PAGES / Gauges

Dodge Charger. Gauges

When selected, this screen displays the following values:

  • Oil Temperature

    Shows the actual oil temperature.

  • Oil Pressure

    Shows the actual oil pressure.

  • Coolant Temperature

    Shows the actual coolant temperature.

  • Battery Voltage

    Shows actual battery voltage.

  • Trans Oil Temp — If Equipped with an Automatic Transmission

    Shows actual transmission oil temperature.

  • Boost Pressure — If Equipped

    Shows actual boost pressure.

  • Air Fuel Ratio — If Equipped

    Shows current air fuel ratio.

  • I/C Coolant Temp — If Equipped

    Shows actual I/C Coolant temperature.

  • Intake Air Temp

    Shows actual air intake temperature.

If a gauge is selected, the Gauge Detail View page will appear on the screen. This page shows gauge values for the previous two minutes on the selected gauge.

Pressing the Left or Right Arrow will cycle through the details for each of the gauges. Pressing the minimize button above the graph will return to the Gauge menu.

Dodge Charger. Gauges


    When the Timers Page is selected, you will be able to select the Drag or Accel & Braking tabs. The following will be displayed: RecentThe most recent successful run of perfor- mance timers...


    When selected, this screen displays all four G-Force values as well as steering angle. When G-Force is selected, the following features will be available: Vehicle Speed:Measures the current speed of the vehicle in either mph or km/h, starting at zero with no maximum value...

    Other information:

    Dodge Charger 2011-2023 Owner's Manual: If A Deployment Occurs

    The front air bags are designed to deflate immediately after deployment. NOTE: Front and/or side air bags will not deploy in all collisions. This does not mean something is wrong with the air bag system. If you do have a collision which deploys the air bags, any or all of the following may occur: The air bag material may sometimes cause abrasions and/or skin reddening to the occu- pants as the air bags deploy and unfold...

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    Reformulated Gasoline Many areas of the country require the use of cleaner burning gasoline referred to as “reformulated gasoline”. Reformulated gasoline contains oxygenates and are specifically blended to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality...



    The windshield wiper/washer controls are located on the multifunction lever on the left side of the steering column. The front wipers are operated by rotating a switch, located on the end of the lever.


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