Dodge Charger: JUMP STARTING / Preparations For Jump Start

Dodge Charger 2011-2022 Owner's Manual / IN CASE OF EMERGENCY / JUMP STARTING / Preparations For Jump Start

The battery is stored under an access cover in the trunk. Remote battery posts are located on the right side of the engine compartment for jump starting.

Dodge Charger. Preparations For Jump Start

Remote Positive (+) Post

Remote Negative (-) Post


The remote battery posts are viewed by standing on the right side of the vehicle looking over the fender. The positive battery post may be covered with a protective cap. Lift up on the cap to gain access to the positive battery post.

Do not jump off fuses. Only jump directly off positive post which has a positive (+) symbol on or around the post.

Dodge Charger. Preparations For Jump Start

Remote Positive (+) Post

Remote Negative (-) Post

See below steps to prepare for jump starting:

  1. Apply the parking brake, shift the automatic transmission into PARK and place the ignition in the OFF position.
  2. Turn off the heater, radio, and all electrical accessories.
  3. If using another vehicle to jump start the battery, park the vehicle within the jumper cables reach, apply the parking brake, and make sure the ignition is OFF.


Do not allow vehicles to touch each other as this could establish a ground connection and personal injury could result.


  • Take care to avoid the radiator cooling fan whenever the hood is raised. It can start anytime the ignition switch is ON. You can be injured by moving fan blades.
  • Remove any metal jewelry such as rings, watch bands and bracelets that could make an inadvertent electrical contact. You could be seriously injured.
  • Batteries contain sulfuric acid that can burn your skin or eyes and generate hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Keep open flames or sparks away from the battery.


    If your vehicle has a discharged battery, it can be jump started using a set of jumper cables and a battery in another vehicle, or by using a portable battery booster pack...

    Jump Starting Procedure

    WARNING! Failure to follow this jump starting procedure could result in personal injury or property damage due to battery explosion. CAUTION! Failure to follow these procedures could result in damage to the charging system of the booster vehicle or the discharged vehicle...

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