Dodge Charger: Keyless Enter-N-Go — Passive Entry / To Lock The Vehicle’s Doors And Trunk

Dodge Charger 2011-2023 Owner's Manual / GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE / DOORS / Keyless Enter-N-Go — Passive Entry / To Lock The Vehicle’s Doors And Trunk

With one of the vehicle’s Passive Entry key fobs within 5 ft (1.5 m) of either front door handle, pushing the Passive Entry lock button will lock the vehicle.

Dodge Charger. To Lock The Vehicle’s Doors And Trunk


DO NOT grab the door handle, when pushing the door handle lock button. This could unlock the door(s).

Dodge Charger. To Lock The Vehicle’s Doors And Trunk


  • After pushing the door handle button, you must wait two seconds before you can lock or unlock the doors, using either Passive Entry door handle. This is done to allow you to check if the vehicle is locked by pulling the door handle without the vehicle unlocking.
  • If Passive Entry is disabled using the Uconnect Settings, the key protection described in "Frequency Operated Button Integrated Key (FOBIK-Safe)" remains active/ functional.
  • The Passive Entry system will not operate if the key fob battery is depleted.

    Frequency Operated Button Integrated Key (FOBIK-Safe)

    To minimize the possibility of unintentionally locking a Passive Entry key fob inside your vehicle, the Passive Entry system is equipped with an automatic door unlock feature which will function if the ignition switch is in the OFF position...

    To Unlock/Enter The Trunk

    With a valid Passive Entry key fob within 5 ft (1.5 m) of the deck lid, push the button located on the right side of the deck lid. NOTE: If you inadvertently leave your vehicle's Passive Entry key fob in the trunk and try to close the deck lid, the deck lid will automatically unlatch, unless another one of the vehicle’s Passive Entry key fobs is outside the vehicle and within 5 ft (1...

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    Power Door Locks

    The power door lock switches are located on each front door panel. Push the switch to lock or unlock the doors.

    Dodge Charger. Power Door Locks

    The driver’s door will unlock automatically if the keys are found inside the vehicle when the door lock button on the front door panel is used to lock the door. This will occur for two attempts. Upon the third attempt, the doors will lock even if the key is inside.

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