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Dodge Charger 2011-2023 Owner's Manual / GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE / WINDOWS / Automatic Window Features

Auto-Down Feature

The driver and front passenger door power window switches have an Auto-Down feature. Push the window switch down to the second detent, release, and the window will go down automatically.

To stop the window from going all the way down during the Auto-Down operation, pull up or push down on the switch briefly.

Auto-Up Feature With Anti-Pinch Protection

Pull the window switch up to the second detent and the window will go up automatically.

To stop the window from going all the way up during the Auto-Up operation, push down on the switch briefly.

To close the window part way, lift the window switch briefly and release it when you want the window to stop.

If the window runs into any obstacle during auto-closure, it will reverse direction and then go back down. Remove the obstacle and use the window switch again to close the window.


Any impact due to rough road conditions may trigger the auto-reverse function unexpectedly during auto-closure. If this happens, pull the switch lightly and hold to close the window manually.


There is no anti-pinch protection when the window is almost closed. To avoid personal injury be sure to clear your arms, hands, fingers and all objects from the window path before closing.


    Power Window Controls

    The window controls on the driver's door control all the door windows. The passenger door windows can also be operated by using the single window controls on the passenger door trim panel...

    Reset Auto-Up

    Should the Auto-Up feature stop working, the window may need to be reset. To reset Auto-Up: Pull the window switch up to close the window completely and continue to hold the switch up for an additional two seconds after the window is closed...

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