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Dodge Charger. G-Force

When selected, this screen displays all four G-Force values as well as steering angle.

When G-Force is selected, the following features will be available:

  • Vehicle Speed:

    Measures the current speed of the vehicle in either mph or km/h, starting at zero with no maximum value.

  • Front G-Force:

    Measures the peak braking force on the front of the vehicle.

  • Right G-Force:

    Measures the peak force on the right side of the vehicle.

  • Left G-Force:

    Measures the peak force on the left side of the vehicle.

  • Rear G-Force:

    Measures the peak acceleration force on the rear of the vehicle.


    Front, Right, Left, and Rear G-Forces are all peak values. These readings can be reset by clearing peak G-Force on the instrument cluster.

  • Steering Wheel Angle

    Steering Wheel Angle utilizes the steering angle sensor to measure the degree of the steering wheel relative to zero (straight ahead) reference angle. The zero degree reference angle measurement indicates a steering wheel straight ahead position.

The friction circle display shows instantaneous G-Force as a highlight and previous G-Force as dots within the circle. The system records previous G-Force for three minutes. If there are multiple samples at a given point, the color of the dot will darken from blue to red. Vectors more frequent will show in red; infrequent vectors will show in blue.


    When selected, this screen displays the following values: Oil TemperatureShows the actual oil temperature. Oil PressureShows the actual oil pressure...


    When selected, this screen displays the following values: Vehicle SpeedShows the actual vehicle speed. Engine PowerShows the instantaneous power...

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