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Dodge Charger. Lower Anchors And Tethers For CHildren (LATCH) Restraint System

Your vehicle is equipped with the child restraint anchorage system called LATCH, which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren. The LATCH system has three vehicle anchor points for installing LATCH-equipped child seats. There are two lower anchorages located at the back of the seat cushion where it meets the seatback and one top tether anchorage located behind the seating position. These anchorages are used to install LATCH-equipped child seats without using the vehicle’s seat belts. Some seating positions may have a top tether anchorage but no lower anchorages. In these seating positions, the seat belt must be used with the top tether anchorage to install the child restraint. Please see the following table for more information.

    Recommendations For Attaching Child Restraints


    LATCH Positions For Installing Child Restraints In This Vehicle


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