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On some models, the two rear outboard seats may be equipped with heated seats. There are two heated seat switches that allow the rear passengers to operate the seats independently. The heated seat switches for each heater are located on the rear of the center console.

You can choose from HI, LO, or OFF heat settings. The indicator lights in each switch indicate the level of heat in use. Two indicator lights will illuminate for HI, one for LO, and none for off.

  • Push the switch Dodge Charger. Rear Heated Seats once to turn the HI setting on.
  • Push the switch Dodge Charger. Rear Heated Seats a second time to turn the LO setting on.
  • Push the switch Dodge Charger. Rear Heated Seats a third time to turn the heating elements off.

If the HI-level setting is selected, the system will automatically switch to LO-level after approximately 60 minutes of continuous operation. At that time, the number of illuminated LEDs changes from two to one, indicating the change. The LO-level setting will turn off automatically after approximately 45 minutes.


  • Once a heat setting is selected, heat will be felt within two to five minutes.
  • The engine must be running for the heated seats to operate.

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