Dodge Charger 2011-2024 Owner's Manual / STARTING AND OPERATING / PARKSENSE REAR PARK ASSIST — IF EQUIPPED / ParkSense Display

The warning display will turn on indicating the system status when the vehicle is in REVERSE and an obstacle has been detected.

The system will indicate a detected obstacle by showing a single arc in the left and/or right front or rear regions based on the object’s distance and location relative to the vehicle.

If an object is detected in the left and/or right rear region, the display will show a single arc in the left and/or right rear region and the system will produce a tone. As the vehicle moves closer to the object, the display will show the single arc moving closer to the vehicle and the tone will change from a single 1/2 second tone to slow, to fast, to continuous.

Dodge Charger. ParkSense Display

  1. Continuous Tone/Flashing Arc
  2. Fast Tone/Flashing Arc
  3. Fast Tone/Flashing Arc
  4. Slow Tone/Solid Arc
  5. Slow Tone/Solid Arc
  6. Single 1/2 Second Tone/Solid Arc

The vehicle is close to the obstacle when the instrument cluster display shows one flashing arc and sounds a continuous tone. The following chart shows the warning alert operation when the system is detecting an obstacle:

Dodge Charger. ParkSense Display


ParkSense will reduce the volume of the radio, if on, when the system is sounding an audio tone.

Adjustable Chime Volume Settings

Rear chime volume settings can be selected from the Uconnect system.

The chime volume settings include low, medium, and high.

ParkSense will retain its last known configuration state through ignition cycles.

    ParkSense Sensors

    The four ParkSense sensors, located in the rear fascia/bumper, monitor the area behind the vehicle that is within the sensors’ field of view. The sensors can detect obstacles from approximately 12 inches (30 cm) up to 79 inches (200 cm) from the rear fascia/ bumper...

    ParkSense Warning Display, Enabling And Disabling ParkSense

    ParkSense Warning Display The ParkSense Warning screen will only be displayed if Sound and Display is selected from within the Uconnect system. The ParkSense Warning screen is located within the instrument cluster display...

    Other information:

    Dodge Charger 2011-2024 Owner's Manual: Turning LaneSense On Or Off

    The LaneSense button is located on the center stack below the Uconnect display. To turn the LaneSense system on, push the LaneSense button (LED turns off). A “LaneSense On” message is shown in the instrument cluster display. To turn the LaneSense system off, push the LaneSense button once (LED turns on)...

    Dodge Charger 2011-2024 Owner's Manual: Manual Mirror— If Equipped

    The rearview mirror can be adjusted up, down, left, and right. The mirror should be adjusted to center on the view through the rear window. Headlight glare from vehicles behind you can be reduced by moving the small control under the mirror to the night position (toward the rear of the vehicle)...


    Manual Door Locks

    The power door locks can be manually locked from inside the vehicle by using the door lock knob. To lock each door, push the door lock knob on each door trim panel downward. To unlock the front doors, pull the inside door handle to the first detent. To unlock the rear doors, pull the door lock knob on the door trim panel upward. If the lock knob is down when the door is closed, the door will lock.

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