Dodge Charger: UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR OPENER (HOMELINK®) / Programming HomeLink® To A Garage Door Opener

Dodge Charger 2011-2024 Owner's Manual / GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE / UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR OPENER (HOMELINK®) / Programming HomeLink® To A Garage Door Opener

To program any of the HomeLink® buttons to activate your garage door opener motor, follow the steps below:


All HomeLink® buttons are programmed using this procedure. You do not need to erase all channels when programming additional buttons.

  1. Place the ignition switch into the ON/RUN position.
  2. Place the garage door opener transmitter 1 to 3 inches (3 to 8 cm) away from the HomeLink® button you wish to program, while keeping the HomeLink® indicator light in view.
  3. Push and hold the HomeLink® button you want to program while you push and hold the garage door opener transmitter button you are trying to replicate.
  4. Continue to hold both buttons and observe the HomeLink® indicator light. The HomeLink® indicator light will flash slowly and then rapidly. Once this happens, release both buttons.


Make sure the garage door opener motor is plugged in before moving on to the rolling code/ non-rolling code final steps.

Identifying Whether You Have A Rolling Code Or Non-Rolling Code Device

Before programming a device to one of your HomeLink® buttons, you must determine whether the device has a rolling code or non-rolling code. Rolling Code Devices To determine if your device has a rolling code, a good indicator is its manufacturing date...

Rolling Code Garage Door Opener Final Steps

NOTE: You have 30 seconds in which to initiate rolling code final step 2, after completing rolling code final step 1. At the garage door opener motor (in the garage), locate the “LEARN” or “TRAIN” button...

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