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Dodge Charger 2011-2024 Owner's Manual / GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE / CLIMATE CONTROLS / Operating Tips


Refer to the chart at the end of this section for suggested control settings for various weather conditions.

Summer Operation

The engine cooling system must be protected with a high-quality antifreeze coolant to provide proper corrosion protection and to protect against engine overheating. OAT coolant (conforming to MS.90032) is recommended.

Winter Operation

To ensure the best possible heater and defroster performance, make sure the engine cooling system is functioning properly and the proper amount, type, and concentration of coolant is used. Use of the Air Recirculation mode during Winter months is not recommended, because it may cause window fogging.


For information on maintaining the Climate Control system when the vehicle is being stored for an extended period of time.

Window Fogging

Vehicle windows tend to fog on the inside in mild, rainy, and/or humid weather. To clear the windows, select Defrost or Mix mode and increase the front blower speed.

Do not use the Recirculation mode without A/C for long periods, as fogging may occur.

Outside Air Intake

Make sure the air intake, located directly in front of the windshield, is free of obstructions, such as leaves. Leaves collected in the air intake may reduce airflow, and if they enter the air distribution box, they could plug the water drains. In Winter months, make sure the air intake is clear of ice, slush, and snow.

Cabin Air Filter

The Climate Control system filters out dust and pollen from the air. Contact an authorized dealer to service your cabin air filter, and to have it replaced when needed.

Operating Tips Chart


The below chart is for Manual Override Opera- tion, otherwise run in AUTO.

Dodge Charger. Operating Tips

    Climate Voice Commands

    Adjust vehicle temperatures hands-free and keep everyone comfortable while you keep moving ahead. Push the VR button. After the beep, say one of the following commands: “Set the driver temperature to 70 degrees” “Set the passenger temperature to 70 degrees” TIP: Voice Command for Climate may only be used to adjust the interior temperature of your vehicle...



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    Headlight Switch

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    Dodge Charger. Headlight Switch

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